The Computer Science Handbook

There are many existing resources for computer science algorithms and data structures but they all use complex terminology and often they are difficult to understand. For example, Wikipedia has many articles on different algorithms but they are full of abstract explainations and the articles are not organized so that they can be searched easily.

The Computer Science Handbook is an on-going project started by two computer science students from the University of Waterloo to help others people understand the principles of computer science in a very understandable fashion. We have organized articles on some essential algorithms and data structures such that it is easy to navigate. We strive to make explainations as simple as possible so anyone without a math/programming background can understand. We have also made the web page as easy to navigate as possible so it is as simple as clicking another link to get to another page. We provide exercises at the bottom of every article to help you understand the information better.

Whether you are a curious student starting to dive into the world of computer science or a job candidate looking for interview help, we hope that we can help! We only ask one thing of you: you must learn something before you leave this site!

Sincerly Yours,
Michael Young